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   Povratak na Video Nadzor

1. Najcesce aplikacije daljinskog video nadzora
TeleEye uredjaji u sirokoj su upotrebu u razlicitim industrijama za razlicite aplikacije kao sto je nadzor trgovina, nadzor imovine, nadzor  gradilista, banke, vodovoda i elektroprivrede, hoteli, nadzor prometa, protivpozarni nadzor,...
-Aplikacije su zaista mnogobrojne, a navedene su samo najcesce :

Banke  i bankomati

Banking & ATM
Nadzor imovine

Property Management
Centralni video nadzor dalekih lokacija i Alarm Centri

Alarm Center
Construction Site
Logistics Management

Retail Shop
Intelligent Home

Mobilna resenja

Mobile Solution



  Banke i bankomati

 Koristenje konvecionalnih sastava video nadzora ima mnogo ogranicenja narocito danas kada banke imaju mnogo udaljenih poslovnica i bankomata.Najveca svetska " lokalna" banka ( HSBC ) koja ima vise od 1300 poslovnih jedinica po celom svetu na mnoge je lokacije postavila TeleEye uredjaje i uvela centralizovani video nadzor. Time je znacajno smanjila troskove , jer manje osoblja sada nadzire veci broj udaljenih lokacija.
TeleEye je omogucio :
  • 24-satni centralizovani monitoring banaka i bankomata
  • Samodijagnostika i automatsko pokretanje svih TeleEye uredjaja ( npr. kod naglog nestanka struje)
  • Real-time i istovremeni nadzor  udaljenih lokacija
  • Dugotrajno video snimanje
  • Mogucnost istovremenog nadzora sa vise lokacija
  • Povezivanje na alarmni sastav. U slucaju bilo kojeg alarma  TeleEye naziva centralnu lokaciju, omogucava vizualnu verifikaciju alarma , brzu akciju i smanjenje troskova intervencije zbog laznih alarma
  • Kompatibilnost sa mnogim telemetrijskim sastavima

    TeleEye sastavi zadovoljavaju sve aspekte modernog video nadzora ne samo omogucavajuci centralizovani nadzor udaljenih lokacija vec pruzaju i mnoge napredne osobine kao sto su:

  • Fleksibilno povezivanje ( LAN, Telefonska linija, ISDN, Internet, ADSL, Mobilne mreze )
  • Tripleks nacin rada - istovremeni nadzor, snimanje i pretrazivanje video snimaka

    TeleEye sastavi jednostavni su za instalaciju i koristenje. Jednostavim povezivanjem TeleEye uredjaja sa postojecim kamerama i alarmnim sastavima na bilo koji komunikacioni medijum , postojeca  racunarska mreza banke pretvara se u video nadzorni sastav sto dodatno smanjuje troskove, jer postaje nepotrebno graditi posebnu CCTV mrezu jer se za prijenos videa koristi vec postojeca racunarska ili komunikaciona mreza.


    Nadzor imovine

    Property management employing high-tech products to strengthen its management quality is a fast-paced trend in the recent years. TeleEye remote CCTV system is definitely an ultimate solution for the property management's needs. In 1999, a large-scale Hong Kong property management company established an all-round property management network with leased line connection for monitoring residential properties, shopping malls and commercial properties to ensure convenient, effective and centralized management.After selection, TeleEye Pro phone line CCTV was chosen by the property management company to set up a huge and advanced property management network composed by hundred sets of the TeleEye system. The powerful network provides the following functions:

     Simultaneous monitoring of multiple buildings at different locations

  • Alarm system connection: event-driven recording and auto alarm dial-back to central monitoring station
  • Keeping track of car parks or resting areas
  • Control of relay switches to open and close door gates, or start and stop fountain remotely
  • Control of lights or air-conditioner within the buildings
     Immediate audio alert transmission with CAMERIO TeleEAR in case of entry of intruders

    In addition to the instant on-spot video recording and auto-alarm dial-back functions, the TeleEye system can also alert security guard upon any alarm occurrence. With remote alarm control and door switch functions being added to the TeleEye system, false alarm that may cause manpower wastage can be avoided.

    Well-known management companies such as Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services Limited, A.G. Wilkinson and Associates Property Management Limited, as well as First Pacific Davies Property Management Limited are utilizing TeleEye systems to manage the properties which further enhance their management standard.


    Centralizovani video nadzor udaljenih lokacija i Alarmni Centri

    The convention CCTV systems cause false alarm frequently under adverse working condition such as temperature or humidity, and phone line problems etc. The false alarm results in a wastage of manpower and reduction of lowering of security guards' alertness.

    Recently, some alarm centres in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong take TeleEye system as a remote surveillance tool to tackle the problems caused by false alarms.

    TeleEye system offers the users with fast, real-time, reliable and efficient remote visual monitoring and alarm verification solution. Its main features include:


  • Auto-alarm dial-back and visual verification upon alarm occurrence
  • Highlighted image transmission for verification
  • Alarm logs for easy reference
  • Simultaneous multiple-site monitoring
  • Password protection to avoid unauthorized usage
  • Reliable operation with self diagnostic and recovery

    Alarm sensors such as motion sensors, magnetic door contacts, smoke detectors etc. can be added to TeleEye systems. Whenever there is alarm event, on-duty staff in the alarm centre can view the live image on the computer by controlling the pan/tilt/zoom of the cameras before making any follow-up actions. In addition, the entire event starting from pre-alarm video to post-alarm video can also be recorded. Police can then make use of the entire video record to undergo in-depth investigation.


    Nadzor gradilista 

    The Government and property developers in Hong Kong have started to exercise tighten controls in all construction sites by means of TeleEye systems day and night in order to avoid post-found discrepancies, prolongation or other illegal activities happened in construction projects.

    In order to prevent any irregularities happened in the construction sites, the Hong Kong Housing Authority employs TeleEye III+ remote video monitoring system in its construction sites for non-stop site monitoring and inspection round the clock.

    In daytime, project manager can monitor operations of the site remotely via the Internet in his office. In nighttime, the TeleEye III+ transmitter records and stores all site circumstances into hard disk of a computer for the project manager's later retrieval. Once abnormal circumstance is found, the project manager can look into the corresponding recorded video for detailed investigation.

    Main features:

  • Non-stop day-and-night monitoring of construction site
  • Fast video recording frame rate up to 120 fps
  • No removal or damage of remotely recorded video
  • Recorded video presented as exhibit in court.
  • Entire site-monitoring coverage with telemetry systems
  • Password protection



    The union of China with the WTO offers many business opportunities to the enterprises in Hong Kong, especially to the logistics companies. Remote video monitoring can assist the logistic companies in providing a real and comprehensive vision on logistical process and increasing delivery efficiency. With its advanced remote monitoring features, TeleEye remote surveillance system inevitably has an important possession in the field of logistics in near future.

    Nippon Express (H.K.) Company Limited, a large-scale logistics company in Hong Kong deploys TeleEye remote surveillance system for the management of their cargo centers.

    When cargoes arrive at the 24-hour operating cargo center in the Hong Kong International Airport, Nippon Express's supervisors in control room will get information of transportation process, cargo-discharging status, worker's safety and working conditions, etc. from their computer. Acting as a centralized monitoring station, the TeleEye system can benefit the logistics companies by providing high efficiency and low-cost logistics management.

    Main features:

  • 24-hour monitoring and recording of logistics process
  • Highlighted image transmission showing damaged area on cargo
  • Multiple access of entire cargo transportation process by cargo supervisors
  • Monitoring of lorry's cargo delivery through mobile network


    Nadzor lanaca trgovina, kladionica, posta... 

    TeleEye remote video monitoring system is an ultimate management tool for any retail shops, especially for the chain stores.The top management can employ TeleEye in most of its shops for central management. They can monitor the instant video of each shops simply on his office computer through the phone line, Internet or mobile network connection.Luk Fook Holdings Group is one of the Hong Kong large-scale retail chains using TeleEye systems to manage its jewellery stores. With TeleEye system, the top management in office can perform simultaneous multi-store monitoring. They can also monitor up to 16 locations of each store wherein only a unit of TeleEye transmitter connecting to 16 cameras and alarm systems is installed.

    Upon alarm occurrence, immediate video recording and alarm dial-back can be run automatically by TeleEye system. The recorded pre- and post-alarm video can be used for visual verification.

    Main features:

  • Simultaneous monitor a number of jewellery stores and let the managers to have a thorough understanding on the business operation and security
  • Allocation of staff's duties and manpower with CAMERIO TeleEAR audio transmission unit
  • Alarm system connection: allow instant video recording and auto-alarm dial-back
  • Programmable video recording: help to monitor and record each store's real-time video
  • Compatible with telemetry systems: keep track of each store from different angles


    e-Promocija i  Video  putem Web-a 

    Following the popularity of using broadband Internet, booming e-promotion activities together with real-time video browsing has become a remarkable trend in the public. Trend-following businessmen are especially eager to promote and strengthen sales of their product or service through the economical worldwide web medium.

    The Holiday Inn Resort Hotel situated at Hainan Island in China has installed TeleEye III+ Video Transmitter in the hotel to provide live video on the Internet for attracting more tourists from worldwide.

    Internet browsers or potential visitors of the hotel can enjoy nice view of the Yalong beach at side of the hotel, check weather condition and have a look at the hotel's environment 24-hour a day. It is believed that unlimited and incredible promotional activities and hotel management can be come up with TeleEye system.

    Main features:

  • Built-in web server for users to get video on the web
  • Putting live video onto personal or corporate web page with Cyber TeleEye software
  • Web-site administrator can control telemetry systems to view different scenery
  • Add live video of tourist spots onto tourism web-sites
  • Live on-show demonstration or open auction broadcasting
  • Real-time broadcast of special events or sport tournaments



    Remote video monitoring system is a vital element for intelligent home. This system can improve quality of property management and facility management, enhance monitoring effectiveness, as well as keep an eye on user's home safety round the clock, round the world.

    Nowadays, broadband Internet and cable broadband Internet services are popularly available in intelligent buildings. TeleEye remote video monitoring system can be directly plugged into the Internet or LAN within a building.

    No matter a resident is in office or on business trip, he can take care of his kids or elder parents simply through the TeleEye system installed in his flat via Internet access. Additionally, he can also use TeleEye to control switches in his home to operate electrical appliances remotely so as to assure home safety anytime.

    Main features:

  • Keeping an eye on dwelling and kids at home and in the playground
  • Performing surveillance of dwelling and its surrounding with a PDA conveniently
  • Remote control on switches of home electrical appliances
  • Prevention and awareness of robbery to ensure home safety


    Rjesenja Mobilnog Video Nadzora 

    Nowadays, using PDA to send or receive email, review accounts and retrieve data becomes very popular. However, have you ever thought of using PDA to view remote live video of your home in office? TeleEye M-monitoring Solution now makes it real.No matter where you are, whether during travel or out of office, you can simply point and click your wireless PDA to connect to a remotely located TeleEye III+ transmission unit for obtaining remote video anywhere and anytime.Applications of TeleEye M-monitoring Solution are extensive and can revolutionize the way you use your PDA. For examples, retail managers can view daily operation of their retail outlets while they are travelling between shops. Project managers can check progress of their construction sites while they are busy in dealing with suppliers. Property managers can monitor properties while on the road. Other applications include traffic condition monitoring, day care monitoring, home security and many moreā€¦

    Main features:

  • Video transmission up to 15 fps via 2.5G CDMA mobile network
  • Video streaming at speed up to 64 kbps on PHS network in Japan
  • Fast video transmission up to 25 fps via wireless LAN (11 Mbps)
  • Workable on other wireless communication technologies, such as: - HSCSD (43.2 kbps),- PCS (14.4 kbps)
    - GSM (9.6/14.4 kbps),- GPRS (64 kbps)
  • High picture resolution up to 320 x 240 pixels
  • Auto alarm dial-back
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with Pocket PCs running on MS Windows CE 3.0 & Pocket PC 2002 (Processors supported: ARM, MIPS, SH3)
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